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12 Highly-Anticipated Romances to Add to Your TBR This Summer!

Romance books are often our guilty pleasure. Whether you want to get whisked away by the love and romantic scenery, or you're looking for a happy ending to warm your heart, a romantic getaway is all you need to make your day bright and beautiful.

A world without love would be an awful place. Romance novels and authors take us on a romantic journey that we may never get to experience ourselves, take us to places we may never have heard of, and bring us characters we can't help but cheer on as they declare their love for each other against all odds.

One of the best parts of a romance is being whisked away to a world not our own and having our breath taken away by the handsome duke or the charming new guy. These charming men and women often have us saying "just one more page. I have to see where this is going."

While there are hundreds of great books coming out this summer, we picked twelve highly-anticipated romances that we're really excited to read. We hope you enjoy our picks and add a few to your to-be-read list!

Click on the title or cover picture to learn more about each book. Happy reading!

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

Bee worked hard like really hard to get where she is and for her career to take off.

It certainly feels like a dream come true when she gets an opportunity to work with NASA on a neuroengineering project.

What she wasn't expecting was having Levi co-lead the same project at NASA, someone who has made their relationship clear with Bee and that archenemies work best alone.

With things starting to fall apart for Bee, Levi starts to warm up to her and becomes the hero she needs. With Levi getting closer and showing off his piercing eyes, Bee can't help but fall for Levi. But with things starting to happen between the two, there is just one question on Bee's mind: What am I going to do?

If you're looking for something smart, funny, and romantic then this book is definitely for you. This contemporary romance written by Ali Hazelwood is coming on August 23, 2022

Forbidden Rome by Mario Dell'Olio

"A high school romance full of love—and turbulence. The novel highlights different family dynamics that readers may resonate with... [a] story of trust, love, and fam"ly." —Kirkus Reviews

A Kiss to Wake Me is a modern-day love story between Jamie and Cara. When the two first lock eyes in the high school cafeteria, "love at first sight" is no longer just a cliché to either of them.

Their romance takes off at record speed but just as quickly crashes into a wall of disbelief when a figurative bomb is dropped into their lives, upending the world as they knew it: Cara is pregnant, even though she believed she was a virgin.

When these unforeseen circumstances threaten the couple's future together, everything comes into question. Is Jamie the father of her baby? Will he still love her and the baby if he's not? How did Cara even get pregnant? How could she possibly cope without him and his family, whom she has grown to love and depend on?

Will Jamie Cara'sra's love endure the hardships thrust so harshly upon them? Fans of romantic first love and those who desire to see first love withstand seemingly insurmountable obstacles will enjoy this sweet yet intense novel.

A Kiss to Wake Me is told from alternating points of view through the eyes of Jamie and Cara. Fans of romantic first love who desire to see love withstand seemingly insurmountable obstacles will devour this sweet yet intense novel. Coming July 19, 2022.

The Boss Project by Vi Keeland

Merrick Crawford was not who Evie was expecting as her new boss— stunning, tall, and a pain in her ass.

After an awkward encounter in the change room, Evie and Merrick argue and fight minutes before Evie set to interview for a new job at Crawford Investments. Without knowing it, Evie was just yelling at her new boss. After this awkward encounter, Merrick has no idea who Evie is and sends her and her disheveled appearance out of his office, obviously ruining the interview. But, to Evie's surprise, she received an email with an offer for a second interview, how awkward could the first meeting have been?

After figuring out that Merrick only hired Evie at the board's insistence, Evie decides it's time to show her boss up and prove him wrong. To prove that she's an asset not a hindrance to the company.

Proving Merrick wrong isn't the only thing that Evie likes to do. Evie ends up falling for her boss and all she can think about is how this choice is either really good for her, or it'll be really, really bad.

This hot office romance by Vi Keeland is set to be released on July 11, 2022

Resilience After Dark by Marie Force

With her sister leaving to move in with her fiancé Deacon, Cindy Lawry needs a new room or she'll be forced to move back in with her mom and her new husband. Evie's

Skeptical about moving in with strangers, Cindy reluctantly puts up a flyer at work and around the town to find her new roomie but has little luck.

But when Jace Carson needs a quiet place to live, he reaches out to Cindy. And to his surprise, this is the same woman he's been flirting with at the bar. Enjoying her company at the bar, Jace struggles with if it's a wise decision to move in with Cindy when all he can think about is kissing her and looking at her sweet smile.

With both Jace and Cindy struggling with their past demons, will the couple be able to overcome them to see their love win?

Coming July 19, 2022, this contemporary romance by Marie Force is the 25th in her Gansett Island universe.


Cordelia'sia's dreams are coming trshe'she's finally been accepted to the college of her dreams. But that dream quickly becomes a nightmare when the scholarship she was hoping for wasn't with her letter of acceptance. Without the scholarship, Cordelia will be forced to not attend the college of her dreams, but instead, care for her ailing grandmother.

For quick cash, Cordelia becomes a feeder at The Nest. Thinkit'sit's just like donating blood and easy money, Cordelia is quickly picked by one of the clubs' elite, Rook, and finds out that being a feeder isn't as easy as she thought.

With Rook feeling differently towards Cordelia than he does his other feeders, Rook must decide if this human who he feels a powerful draw is worth risking her life by exposing to her his true identity and his life of secrets for their love.

A romantic fantasy and book 1 of Blood Vow University by Helen Scott will be released on September 9, 2022.

The Brighter the Light by Mary Ellen Taylor

Everything happens for a reason and just like fate, some events are unavoidable and we must endure with the help of time as the healing factor.

Ivy Neale after her grandmother's death goes back to her hometown in Nags Head, North Carolina after she gets a family cottage with beach views from her grandmother's will.

But this new cottage comes with baggage, Ivy will have to return to the place where she felt the ultimate betrayal from her ex-boyfriend and best friend.

Uncovering family and town secrets, Ivy investigates her grandmother's past as she cleans the clutter and after a winter storm reveals a long-lost shipwreck on the coast.

While investigating the past, Ivy must deal with her own unresolved problems and uncover the romance between her grandmother and the mysterious singer that took the town by storm in 1950. But, with every step closer to the truth and closure threatens to sweep Ivy away. With the stories of her grandmother and other strong women in her family, Ivy feels she has found her home and strength in the old family cottage she inherited.

This historical romance book by Mary Ellen Taylor was released on July 1, 2022.

Husband Material (London Calling) by Alexis Hall

After successfully faking a relationship, falling in love actually, and heartbreak and disappointment from their families, Luc and Oliver somehow found themselves in a real relationship and a way to make it all work.

With everyone around them starting to get married, Luc feels pressured to propose to Oliver. But with four weddings, a funeral, and funny curry, will Luc and Oliver go from "I don't know" to "I do"?

A fun, light-hearted LGBTQ+ romance by Alexis Hall to be released on August 2, 2022, and is the sequel to Boyfriend Material.

Blind Side by Kandi Steiner

Clay Johnson has everything a girl looks for in a guy. Gorgeous abs and body, a killer smile, and the talk of campus during football season.

Despite having a picture-perfect life, breaking up with his girlfriend leaves Clay upset and seeking revenge. After coming up with a plan to be Clay's fake girlfriend, Giana and Clay take things one step further when Giana reveals she wants to use her relationship with Clay to win the musician she has her eye on. It's a win-win for Clay and Giana.

But when things become blurred, Giana has a hard time telling the difference between what is real and what is fake with Clay. Even with rules in place, Giana is falling for Clay and her heart flutters when he touches her. But with rules being meant to be broken, Clay and Giana could either end up with broken rules and a fun time or a broken heart.

A sports romance filled with sex, unexplored desires, and blossoming love.

This perfect fake-boyfriend romance by Kandi Steiner was released on June 15, 2022.


Esperanza has it all planned out: She will tell Don Raúl that she can't marry him, break off their engagement, and persuade her parents to let her marry the man she loves instead. After all, Artie is a hero. How could any parent object to welcoming such a brave man into their family?

However, it soon becomes clear that the jealous Don Raúl will not give her up as easily as she had hoped. When Artie's heroic sacrifice becomes the talk of the town, Raúl realizes that his bride's heart lies elsewhere… and he decides to use the information to his advantage.

Forced to choose between her own freedom and Artie's, Esperanza must take desperate measures to save the man she loves. But as revolution looms and even families begin to turn against each other, danger lurks around every corner—and she soon learns that the greatest threats can come from the places you least expect.

Esperanza will do anything to protect Artie. But with Artie's attacker still at large, a vengeful Don Raúl determined to hang him for treason, and a bloody revolution brewing all around them, will her efforts be too little, too late?

Led by strong female characters, A HERO'S HOPE turns the common damsel in distress trope on its head. Based on real historical events, this thrilling page-turner story of love and courage in the face of adversity follows characters on an emotional journey through laughter, tears, passion, and heartbreak. Coming July 12, 2022.

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Hannah Brooks, despite her appearance, is an Executive Protection Agent (aka a bodyguard.) Being hired by a reclusive celebrity, Jack Stapleton, Hannah reluctantly accepts the job to protect him from his excentric stalker.

But when Jack's mother gets sick, Jack and Hannah travel to his mother's ranch in Texas. This is where the job gets tricky, Hannah has to pretend to be the girlfriend of a shallow celebrity as her cover.

Instead, Hannah finds herself falling for Jack as she discovers that there is more to Jack than his good looks and charm and what's real and fake begins to blur.

As things blur, Hannah needs to not only protect Jack, but she has to protect her own heart from the man she's falling for.

This thrilling and witty romance by Katherine Center is set to be released on July 19, 2022.

Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert

Half human, half vampire, Mina grew up between two worlds. Under her oppressive father, Mina never really experienced what being a human or being a vampire had to offer.

But after being sold off to the handsome and dangerous Malachi Zion by her father, Mina is introduced to a world of darkness, danger, and seduction.

Falling for Malachi, Mina is introduced to a world of power as a vampire. With this newfound power and love, Mina with the help of Malachi must decide if this newfound power will be strong enough to take revenge on her father and take the crown that is rightfully hers.

This steamy romance by Katee Robert is out on September 6, 2022.


A story of self-discovery, disillusionment, and coming of age, Mario's newest book, Forbidden Rome, follows Kevin and Anthony's journey to find themselves and each other in the 80s.

Forbidden Rome takes you on a journey to Rome where those friends discover the meaning of love. Anthony ends up falling for Kevin, and they must choose to either live with this secret or risk the consequences from those around them. The fervor of passions realized, and the frustration of unreturned love washes over the hearts of Anthony and Kevin as they wrestle with what they truly desire.

From clandestine sexual escapades to heartfelt expressions of love, each man must choose their own path forward. With escalating pressures from both home and their religion, Anthony and Kevin's love is tested, and they must both decide if their love is worth risking everything they've built for themselves, their future career, dreams of inspiring others, and their new-found relationship.

How do they come to terms with being gay in the 1980s? Can their love survive the onslaught of homophobia? Packed with raw emotion, Forbidden Rome will rile you out of your comfort zone to root for these young men as they discover what's most important in life: love.

Written by Dr. Mario Dell'olio, this exciting and captivating romance was released on June 7, 2022.


These were just a few of the many books that are getting released this summer. From high-school romances, to unexpected pregnancies, forbidden love, and fake relationships, this list has something for everyone. We hope you enjoyed our twelve picks and added a few to your TBR pile!

Please let us know in the comments (and on social media) if you enjoyed this blog post and want us to post more book recommendations!

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