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From Thrills to Romance: The Ultimate Beach Reads of 2024. Here Are 19 Must-Read Books for Your Perfect Summer Escape.

As the summer warmth intensifies and the charm of the beach calls, there's nothing quite like a gripping book. Whether you're reclining by the poolside or stretched out on the beach, these hot new releases are going to make your summer reading list unforgettable.

Emily Henry’s "Funny Story" is a perfect summer escape. Henry, known for her charming, witty, and engaging storytelling, weaves a delightful tale of two people left by their partners for each other. As they navigate their unexpected connection, humor and heart abound, creating a light-hearted read that’s perfect for long, lazy days under the sun. It's a story that promises laughter and warmth, ideal for a carefree beach day.


Holly Jackson’s "The Reappearance of Rachel Prince" will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sixteen years after Rachel’s mysterious disappearance, she returns during the filming of a documentary about her case. Her younger sister, Bel, is skeptical of Rachel’s story, leading to a suspenseful exploration of family secrets and trust. This gripping mystery is a page-turner that will have you hooked from start to finish, making it a thrilling beach companion.


In "Touch of Kindness" by R. Loomis, we meet Dori Livingston, a girl content with her quiet life in a small Texas town, helping her friends and supporting her single mom. Everything changes when she befriends a mysterious new girl at school who reveals a magical ability to influence people with a single touch. Dori's life takes a dramatic turn as she is transported to the Otherworld, a realm filled with magic and fantastical creatures. There, she learns she must take the place of the girl she helped, marrying a prince to secure peace. As Dori navigates this new world, her determination to return home grows stronger, but the path back to the Mortalworld is fraught with challenges. This young adult romantic fantasy explores themes of identity, belonging, and self-discovery, making it a must-read for fans of magical adventures and heartfelt journeys.


Annabel Monaghan’s "Same Time Next Summer" is a heartwarming second-chance romance that brims with nostalgia. The story follows a woman who, while planning her wedding at her family’s summer beach home, reconnects with her childhood summer love. Split between past and present, this novel explores themes of love and rediscovery, perfect for anyone looking for a romantic escape filled with sun and sentiment.


Kristin Hannah’s "The Women" takes us back to the Vietnam War era, following nursing student Frances “Frankie” McGrath. In 1965, amid societal upheaval, she joins the Army Nurses Corps to follow her brother to Vietnam. Amidst the chaos and heartbreak of war, Frankie finds strength in female friendship and learns the value of sacrifice. Hannah’s emotionally charged storytelling and historical depth provide a compelling read that’s perfect for beachside reflection.


For a dual-timeline treat, Kristy Woodson Harvey’s "A Happier Life" offers a warm, engaging narrative. Keaton Smith travels to Beaufort to sell her mother’s childhood home but finds herself drawn to the town—and her handsome neighbor. In 1976, Rebecca Saint James faces a major life decision, intertwining their stories in a heartwarming exploration of love and friendship, making it a delightful summer read.


Cori Nevruz's "Noxious" offers a thrilling dive into the dark underbelly of New York City. Natalia, a quirky misfit, escapes her controlling mother only to uncover a family secret: a stepbrother named Daniel. As she strives for acceptance, Natalia leads a double life, working as a hitwoman for a powerful corporate executive. Her unique method of eliminating targets by exploiting their annoying habits adds a darkly humorous twist to her morally complex job. However, as Natalia becomes more entangled with her employer and his family, her carefully constructed facade begins to crack, revealing her true self. This gripping thriller delves into themes of identity, moral conflict, and the search for belonging, offering readers a suspenseful and thought-provoking read.


Brandon Taylor’s "The Late Americans" offers a reflective, substantial read for the beach. This coming-of-age story delves into the lives of a group of friends navigating their futures and identities in a small Midwestern town. Taylor’s poignant and insightful narrative is perfect for those looking to sink their teeth into something deeper while soaking up the sun.


Christina Lauren’s "The Paradise Problem" combines romance and humor in a light and enjoyable read. The story follows a grocery store heir who fakes a relationship with his free-spirited ex to secure an inheritance. Genuine feelings begin to emerge amidst the charade, making for a fun and romantic read that’s perfect for beach reading.


Patti Davis’ memoir "Dear Mom and Dad" offers a candid glimpse into the lives of Ronald and Nancy Reagan from their daughter’s perspective. This memoir reveals the complexities and challenges of growing up in the public eye, providing an intriguing and personal read that’s perfect for those interested in a deeper, more reflective beach book.


Ali Hazelwood’s "Check and Mate" brings a unique mix of romance and the strategic world of chess. Mallory, who quit chess after it destroyed her family, unexpectedly beats the world champion, Nolan Sawyer. As she reenters the game and navigates her growing feelings for Nolan, Hazelwood’s engaging storytelling makes this a delightful summer read.


RuPaul’s memoir, "The House of Hidden Meanings," is a compelling read filled with charisma and unique perspectives. The iconic drag queen’s journey to self-discovery and fame is filled with anecdotes and life lessons, making it an inspiring read about finding one's true self, perfect for beachside contemplation.


"When Two Stars Collide" by Cheryl Eager is a young adult contemporary romance that explores the unlikely connection between two high school seniors, Cin and Henri. Cin, a half-Japanese rock musician with a rebellious exterior, hides a world of secrets and a desire for revenge against his wicked stepfather. Henri, an innocent TV star, is sheltered by her manager-mother. Their worlds collide during a school production of Cinderella, sparking an unexpected friendship and a deep connection. As their relationship grows, Cin's hidden truths come to light, challenging their bond. This enchanting tale of love, destiny, and overcoming obstacles is perfect for readers who enjoy heartfelt stories about finding love in unexpected places.


Ronda Rousey’s memoir "Our Fight" details her rise to fame as the UFC’s first female champion and her pursuit of happiness beyond the octagon. Her story of determination, resilience, and personal growth makes for an inspiring and gripping read, ideal for the beach if you're a fan of the sport.


Rachel Hawkins’ "The Heiress" offers a suspenseful exploration of wealth and family dynamics. Following an heiress marred by tragedy, the novel delves into dark family secrets that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear. It’s a thrilling summer read that will keep you engrossed from the first page to the last.


Rebecca Serle’s "Expiration Dates" is a thought-provoking novel about love and commitment. The story revolves around a woman who believes every relationship has an expiration date until she meets a man who challenges everything she thought she knew. This unique premise and emotional depth make it a captivating read for the beach.


Rachel Le Mesurier’s "Artie's Courage" is a thrilling historical romance set against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolutionary period. The novel follows Esperanza, a farm girl whose life of privilege is upended when she falls in love with a street musician. This new love opens her eyes to the harsh realities faced by Mexico’s mine workers, forcing her to confront the oppression perpetuated by the man she is engaged to marry. As revolution brews, Esperanza must navigate a path fraught with danger and heartache, making choices that could tear her family and country apart. This gripping story of love and justice, led by a strong female protagonist, offers an emotional journey through laughter, tears, and passion, making it an essential addition to your summer reading list.


James McBride’s "The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store" offers rich storytelling and vivid character portrayals. In the 1970s, the discovery of a skeleton in Pottstown unravels the intertwined lives of the townspeople. The novel delves into themes of community, history, and secrets, making it a compelling read for a summer’s day.


Lastly, Tana French’s "The Hunter: A Novel" provides a riveting read with its intricate plot and well-developed characters. This anticipated novel follows Cal, a detective entangled in a complex case that challenges his skills and understanding of justice. French’s mastery of suspense ensures an engrossing read, perfect for your beach bag.

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I hope you enjoy our picks! These books offer a variety of genres and themes, ensuring there’s something for every beach reader this summer. So, grab your sunscreen, find a comfy spot by the water, and dive into these fantastic new releases!

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