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Top 12 LGBTQ+ Romance Books You Can Read to Celebrate Pride

Updated: Jun 16

Celebrate Pride with this collection of the twelve best LGBTQ+ romances you can read this month. From young adult dramas to gripping adventures, these books highlight the richness and diversity of LGBTQ+ love stories. Whether you're looking to lose yourself in a love story or explore new perspectives, these books are sure to deliver!

Now is the perfect time to dive into some new LGBTQ+ romance novels. These stories, most released in 2023 and 2024, offer a mix of heartfelt romance, historical intrigue, and contemporary challenges.

First on our list is "The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen" by KJ Charles. Released by Sourcebooks Casablanca on March 7, 2023, this Regency romance follows Gareth Inglis, who becomes Sir Gareth after his father's death. He reconnects with Joss Doomsday, a smuggler, amidst the dangers and intrigues of the Kentish moors. This book stands out for its historical depth, complex characters, and vivid setting.


Next, we have "Playing for Keeps" by Jennifer Dugan, published by G.P. Putnam's Sons on April 30, 2023. This novel tells the story of June, a star pitcher, and Ivy, an umpire, who navigate their forbidden romance while pursuing their baseball dreams. It's a celebration of young love, sportsmanship, and breaking societal norms, perfect for anyone who enjoys a good underdog story.


"The Complexities of Love" by M.A. Quigley is a critically acclaimed romantic novel that takes you back to 1960s Australia, released by 5310 Publishing in 2021. It tells the poignant story of Mark, a closeted gay man grappling with his identity and family expectations. After reconnecting with his childhood crush, Dave, ten years later, Mark must confront past traumas and present challenges to decide if they can build a future together. This coming-of-age story beautifully captures the struggles and triumphs of love, identity, and family, making it a must-read for anyone interested in heartfelt, realistic LGBTQ+ narratives.


For something unique, check out "One Last Shot" by Jacqueline Ramsden and Lily Seabrooke, released by Rose & Star Press on February 13, 2023. Ava Blakely steps into her popstar twin's shoes for a tour to save her sister's pregnancy, leading to a complicated romance with the tour photographer, Freja. This book explores themes of identity and romance in a compelling and heartfelt way.


If you're looking for a story rich in cultural heritage, "Canto Contigo" by Jonny Garza Villa is a beautiful choice. Published by Skyscape on April 9, 2024, this novel follows Rafael Alvarez as he navigates family upheavals and his feelings for Rey, a mariachi musician, while honoring his heritage and dreams. The intertwining of cultural roots with a heartfelt romance makes it a touching and memorable read.


Cat Sebastian's "We Could Be So Good," published by Avon Impulse in 2023, is set in the 1950s and tells the story of Nick Russo, a reporter, and Andy Fleming, the heir to a newspaper empire. Their tender but challenging relationship unfolds in a hostile era, adding depth to the romance with its historical setting and societal challenges.


"Queerceañera" by Alex Crespo, released by HarperTeen on May 7, 2024, follows Joaquin as he navigates his queerceañera, dealing with family expectations and his feelings for Felix, his childhood crush. The book's celebration of queer identity and cultural traditions is both heartwarming and significant.


Another compelling read is "Forbidden Rome" by Mario Dell'Olio, a romantic LGBTQ+ fiction novel released by 5310 Publishing in 2022. Set in the vibrant backdrop of 1980s Rome, this novel follows Kevin and Anthony as they navigate their feelings for each other amidst societal and religious pressures. Their clandestine romance unfolds with raw emotion and intense passion, challenging them to decide if their love is worth risking everything. With its evocative setting and heartfelt narrative, "Forbidden Rome" is a powerful story of self-discovery, resilience, and the enduring struggle against homophobia.


Christina Li's "True Love and Other Impossible Odds," published by Quill Tree Books on May 14, 2024, is a blend of technology, romance, and personal growth. Grace Tang, a college freshman, uses an algorithm to find love but ends up questioning her feelings as she grows closer to her coworker, Julia. This novel offers a fresh perspective on young adult relationships.


For those who enjoy a thrilling adventure, "The Girl in Question" by Tess Sharpe, published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers on May 14, 2024, is a gripping choice. This thriller follows Nora O’Malley and her friends during a backpacking trip, where one of them is mistaken for Nora and kidnapped. The combination of romance and adventure makes this book appealing to fans of both genres.


Edward Underhill's "Always the Almost," released by Wednesday Books on February 14, 2023, is a coming-of-age story about trans boy Miles Jacobson. He navigates his feelings for new boy Eric while aiming to win a piano competition and reconcile with his ex. This story highlights the challenges and triumphs of a trans protagonist, adding important representation.


Finally, "To Serve" by Ben Jacobs, a young adult sci-fi and fantasy novel published by 5310 Publishing on July 09, 2024. Although not a romance, it contains romantic elements with LGBT characters.

This gripping tale centers around fifteen-year-old Abel Middleton, who, after being discharged from a psychiatric hospital, forms an unexpected bond with Caden, a custom-designed android. As more androids worldwide develop free will, the story explores Caden's struggle between living in hiding and risking everything to help his kind. "To Serve" stands out for its complex characters and underrepresented voices, delving into themes of disability, illness, and identities that defy the norm. This novel not only provides a thrilling sci-fi adventure but also offers profound social commentary on the fight for equality.


These twelve books offer a diverse range of stories, characters, and settings, all celebrating LGBTQ+ identities and love in its many forms. Dive into these romances this Pride Month and enjoy the beautiful, heartfelt journeys they offer.

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