The Complexities of Love

Will Mark find the love he is seeking?

by M.A. Quigley


"Intriguing and messily realistic..." - Kirkus Reviews

Mark Cooney grows up aware that there is something different about him and hopes that his parents will never find out.

Mark's best friend Dave disappeared when he was thirteen and returned ten years later. Mark became more and more vulnerable as they got closer. It came with a price.

Tormented by his inner demons and refusing to be controlled by anyone, Dave reveals a secret that he has kept since childhood, which leads to a terrible misunderstanding that will have grave consequences for Mark and his family.

The Complexities of Love is a coming-of-age story about Mark as he confronts the truth about his family and his identity.

All he yearns for is for Dave to return his love, but will that happen, or will he find someone else?

The Complexities of Love: Will Mark find the love he is seeking? by M.A. Quigley. young adult LGBTQ romance published by 5310 Publishing.

THE COMPLEXITIES OF LOVE: Will Mark find the love he is seeking?
Author: M.A. Quigley

250 Pages

Young Adult Fiction
LGBTQ+ Fiction
Coming-of-age fiction
LGBTQ+ Romance

Paperback ISBN: 9781777151843
Ebook ISBN: 9781777151836

Published by 5310 Publishing
Publication date: 2021-08-24

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Praise & Reviews

“Intriguing and messily realistic...” — Kirkus Reviews

"Exceptional story. Such a tender romance, with a very gratifying ending. I can't stop talking about it. 100% recommend." — Alex Williams, editor.

"An Australian teen learns about life, hidden love, and family secrets. It’s 1966, and Mark knows he’s different from the other boys, hiding his attraction for his best friend, Dave… 10 years later, [Dave] returns, and when Mark tries to discover the truth behind his absence, upsetting family secrets come to light… Mark’s interest in cooking, future dreams of living openly as a gay man, and desire to make a living as a chef add elements of lightness and hope… The characters deal with trauma, mental illness, and addiction throughout the story... the discussions of family bonds, complex sibling relationships, finding a place to belong, and the reveal of Mark’s family history are intriguing and messily realistic..." — Kirkus Reviews

"Heartbreaking... I found myself rooting for Mark to accept himself... and ultimately find true love. — such a profound novel." — Mario Dell'Olio, author.

"Upon reading the last word of “The Complexities of Love”, a quote from Oscar Wilde came to mind—The truth is rarely pure and never simple. Ms. Quigley’s novel can be wrapped up in this sentiment as her main character Mark Cooney traverses the lonely path stretching out before a gay man as he comes of age in the 1960s and ‘70s. This is not the familiar plot of boy meets boy, falls in love, and comes out of the closet in the face of bigotry. Instead, Quigley gives us the story of a man, bereft of true romantic love, who carries the secret of being gay alongside the complexities of familial love, where more secrets and lies abound, testing the ties that bond. I do not represent Ms. Quigley, but as a literary agent, I read hundreds of manuscripts a year, and Ms. Quigley is the first author I’ve come upon who has the ability to shape a narrative through the intricate details of a character’s day to day activities in a manner that keeps the reader enrapt in the story to the extent that one feels that they are viewing the action through the main character’s eyes as strongly as written here. There is nothing pure or simple about any of the characters’ lives in this novel, rendering it the rare type of story that stays deep within the reader’s thoughts days after reading. I highly recommend and look forward to reading more from this author." — Review by Katie Salvo, Senior Literary Agent

M.A. Quigley

About M.A. Quigley

Melisa Quigley was born and raised in Victoria, Australia. She has an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Her work has been published in anthologies in America, Australia, India, and the Philippines.

The Complexities of Love, young adult coming-of-age romance, is her debut novel.

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The Complexities of Love

The Complexities of Love