The Complexities of Love

Mark’s best friend, Dave, disappeared ten years ago. 

Dave’s sister tells Mark that her brother is coming back home after all this time. Mark can’t wait to see him again. He notices Dave’s tone and mannerisms are full of the usual charm, but there’s something different about him that Mark can’t understand...

After Mark’s mum dies, he struggles to make a life on his own, coming to terms with changes in his life and hidden family secrets found in a suitcase with damaging consequences for Mark and his whole family.

Will he uncover the truth and mystery surrounding his parents? Will Mark find the love he’s seeking, or will he find it somewhere else?

The Complexities of Love is about human nature and looks at identity, belonging, and the right to seek a better life. This novel will make you laugh, cry, and recognize the similarities in suburban life today.

The Complexities of Love

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