Authored titles coming out in 2021

The Complexities of Love

An LGBT+ Romance by M.A. Quigley

The Complexities of Love is a story about Mark’s childhood and adolescence as he confronts the truth about his family and his identity.


Mark struggles to forge a life on his own, and all he yearns is for Dave to love him.


Will that happen, or will he find someone else?

Dirty Laundry

Suspense / Thriller by Cori Nevruz

When a suburban housewife battles depression, anxiety, jealousy, and a controlling husband, something has to give, and it just may be someone’s life. 

Who is the killer?

Faithfully Addicted

A Romance by Darren Finney

Harkin and Emily will explore every sharp cut of recovery and relapse, clinging to one another as shipwrecked sailors cling to wreckage in search of a shore to wash on.

They must survive a sea of desires and decide if they can keep each other from drowning again.

How to Save the World

Anthology / Poetry by Multiple Authors

"How to Save the World" includes poems about what we want the world to be, how it can be a better place, things we can do improve, how things have been bad but are getting better, and much more!

Send your poem, be featured in our anthology, and help us end hunger worldwide! All proceeds donated.

The Greystones

A Romance by Ana C. Sales

London, 1930.

“Suddenly, he looks up, and their eyes meet. Adele smiles at Michael, and he reciprocates with another beautiful smile, despite being a sad smile.“When did he become so handsome?” she thought.” 

Adele was a woman ahead of her time, and Michael was conservative. Their attraction is clear. Adele and Michael love each other but need to fight the prejudice from London’s high society. Will Michael leave his traditions aside and love Adele back? 


A lot of passion and excitement in this romance that will take your breath away. You will surprise yourself with what love is capable of.

Honey Beaumont

Young Adult Fantasy by Sara Bushway

Honey was bought and raised in the business of pleasure. When a new client buys him out from the industry, he has no choice but to leave his girlfrend Loretta behind with his ex-employer.


Illiterate and ill-prepared for a war-torn world, Honey joins The Adventuring Guild and embarks on the journey of a lifetime.

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