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New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood

New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood is a story filled with idealism and an abundance of hope. Three men travel to Vatican City to become priests when their eyes open to a world of faith, deception, and political intrigue.


Each man has dreams of transforming the world and leading the faithful through life’s journey. Kevin, Miguel, and Anthony enter a realm where faith takes a back seat to ecclesial power. Stumbling into sexual relationships, they find themselves at odds with celibacy and the priesthood. Friendships explode into a romantic rollercoaster and fiery independent spirits in stark contradiction to the time-honored traditions of a preeminent American seminary. 


New Men is a story of disillusionment, sexual awakening, and self-discovery. Journey with them as they explore what they truly desire in New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood.

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Animal Mandalas

Adult Coloring Book with Success Quotes

Enjoy beautiful mandala patterns and relax with this adult coloring book from 5310 Publishing. Our Animal Mandalas coloring book is a wonderful way to make your stress go away. Each mandala features animal and sea patterns from easy to medium, allowing you to easily fill pages with your favourite colours. Our wide selection of animal mandalas brings you the joy of knowing you won't be painting the same design over and over. 

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Full-page Mandalas

Adult Coloring Book with Success Quotes

Every page will bring you into a beautiful, relaxing and colourful world. We have included 30 full-page mandalas, designed for you to express your creativity and make masterpieces. The best part? Don't worry about bleeding colours, every mandala is placed on its own page to prevent bleed-through. You will have a great time colouring them, even find it addictive.

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Coming in 2021

The Greystones

A Romance by Ana C. Sales

London, 1930.

“Suddenly, he looks up, and their eyes meet. Adele smiles at Michael, and he reciprocates with another beautiful smile, despite being a sad smile.“When did he become so handsome?” she thought.” 

Adele was a woman ahead of her time, and Michael was conservative. Their attraction is clear. Adele and Michael love each other but need to fight the prejudice from London’s high society. Will Michael leave his traditions aside and love Adele back? 


A lot of passion and excitement in this romance that will take your breath away. You will surprise yourself with what love is capable of.

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