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Touch of Kindness
Grave of Dandelions

Fiction Books Available Now

available now
Among Stars and Shadows
Lost in Fantasia
Left Without Answers
Back to the Hunt
Sofia's Freedom (The Musician's Promise Series Book 3)
A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor
When Two Stars Collide
Artie's Courage (The Musician's Promise Series Book 1)
Fatal Reset
The Art of Becoming a Traitor (hardcover)
Anne of Green Gables
New Men (2nd Ed.)
But I'm Not a Hero
Magic of Lies
A Broken Game
Honey Beaumont: An Enchanting Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Western Fantasy Filled With Magic, Machines, and Adventure
Pride and Prejudice
The Art of Becoming a Traitor
The Memories Between Us
Blood of Husks
The Complexities of Love
Dirty Laundry: Not Everything is What it Seems
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The Lonesome Road
A Kiss to Wake Me
Dirty Laundry: A Gripping and Jaw-Dropping Psychological Thriller
Forbidden Rome
A Hero's Hope (The Musician's Promise Series Book 2)
Faithfully Addicted: What happens when love can't happen?
Cappuccino: A Romantic Short Story

Books Coming Soon:

coming soon
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