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Thick and Thin Circles

Enjoy beautiful mandala patterns and relax with this adult coloring book from 5310 Publishing. Our Thick and Thin Circle Mandalas Relaxing Coloring Book for Adults is a wonderful way to make your stress go away.

Each mandala features patterns from easy to medium, allowing you to easily fill pages with your favourite colors. Our wide selection of mandalas brings you the joy of knowing you won't be coloring the same design over and over.

Every page will bring you into a beautiful, relaxing and colorful world. We have included unique and detailed mandalas, designed for you to express your creativity and to create a masterpiece.

The best part? No worrying about bleeding colors, every mandala is placed on its own page, to prevent bleed through. You will have a great time coloring them and may even find it your new addiction.

Includes famous, uplifting, and inspiring quotes.

Thick and Thin Circle Mandalas Relaxing Coloring Book for Adults is the perfect companion for you to express your inner artist and let the stress melt away. Great for all skill levels, you can color every page however you want, and there is no wrong way to do it. This book is also a great gift. Know someone who loves to color? Make them happy with our adult mandala coloring book!

Product details


Coloring Book for Adults | Mixed mandala designs

Paperback | $9.99

Published by 5310 Publishing

January 11, 2021

82 Pages

ISBN 9781990158025

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