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About Cheryl Eager

Cheryl Eager is the author of “A Kiss to Wake Me,” a modern-day love story. When Jamie and Cara first lock eyes in the high school cafeteria, “love at first sight” is no longer just a cliché to either of them. Fans of romantic first love and those who desire to see first love withstand seemingly insurmountable obstacles will enjoy this sweet, yet intense novel.

Cheryl Eager's books carry a theme of love, hope, optimism, and overcoming tough obstacles—things our world needs! Cheryl has people from around the world that contact her after feeling touched by something she wrote and/or thanking her for giving them a fresh perspective with her books.

About Cheryl's Books

A beautiful and romantic story of first love between Jamie and Cara—two smart, level-headed teens, who strive to do the “right” things but make one big mistake, leading to dire consequences.

Three days before high school graduation, 18-year-old Cara mysteriously delivers a premature baby boy at home in her bathroom. Cara believed in her heart she was a virgin, how is this possible?

Cara was convinced her pregnancy symptoms were part of her life-long health issues made worse by stress, but that was not the case. Is Jamie the father? Will he still love her and the baby if he's not?

Faith and morality hang in the balance between uncovered secrets and lies. Cara and Jamie will need to find the right answers so they can move forward.

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