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Welcome to the family, Cory Idle! Back to the Hunt: A Military Sci-fi Thriller Novel by Cory Idle

Ex-soldier Craig has traded in his helmet for a mall security badge, but a mysterious call from his past brings him back to the United States Army. A military transport has crashed in the small town of Helm's Hamlet, releasing a deadly biological weapon and leaving the town in chaos. Craig and his team must infiltrate the town to search for survivors, the weapon, and the dark secrets it holds. But as they navigate the violent uprisings and mysterious forces at play, Craig must confront not only the enemies around every corner, but also the ghosts of his past. Will he be able to save Helm's Hamlet and America before it's too late?

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Praise & Reviews

“Exciting from beginning to end!” —Early Reader Review

“A thrilling read.” —Early Reader Review

“Gripped me from the very beginning with authentic characters and engaging language.” —Early Reader Review

Back to the Hunt was a quick read I couldn’t put down. The character arcs were great, and the different hurdles that the main character had to overcome were well written. It was exciting from beginning to end. The difficulty of having to not only fight an enemy that they knew nothing about along with a surprising domestic enemy was incredibly thrilling.” —Early Reader Review

Back to the Hunt gripped me from the very beginning with authentic characters and engaging language. Cory Idle built the dynamics between the characters impeccably, capturing their complex relationships and bringing them to life. The way in which he built mystery and suspense around what was happening kept me desperate to read more. All in all, Back to the Hunt was a thrilling read, and I look forward to reading more from Cory Idle.” —Early Reader Review

"With government conspiracies that date by decades, spooky creatures, and a town with people who just won't do the right thing… Craig Eitel is the hero we all need." —Alex Williams, editor

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