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15 Undeniable Reasons to Love Romance Books

Obviously, we don’t need reasons to love romance books anymore. But what if someone asks us why we love romance books so much? Here are the top 15 reasons that make us adore romance books.

Whether you are looking for more reasons to love romance books, or you are trying to convince someone else to start reading romance, here are the top 15 reasons we love getting absorbed in a romantic novel on a cozy couch while leaving all the stress behind.

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1. True Love

Two hands together making a heart shape in front of a sunset

We get to witness what true love feels like. The compelling stories are crafted in a way that makes us compare, live, imagine, and experience the power of true love blossoming in our lives. We also get a chance to compare different relationships we read about, and it gives us some idea of what extra we can do for our partners.

2. Romance

Couple with foreheads together in front of a sunset

The carefully picked out words to represent a scene that matches our expectations is something that we love to read. While keeping us involved in the story, it emanates deep emotions laced with artistic work that leaves a strong, lasting impression on our heart and mind.

3. No Boundaries

two friends skipping happily in a field of grass.

Whether you come from London, Italy, or America, you get a chance to wear the shoes of any character you wish. You can experience their culture, tradition, routine, and lives while bonding with them and sharing their journey.

4. Soulmates

a man kissing a woman's forehead in a forest at sunset

People often stop believing in soulmates, but when you read romance novels, you get to know that it is as true and possible to find your soulmate as the sun rising from the east.

5. Friendship

two friends in matching dresses running on a dirt road holding hands

Romance novels remind us of the importance of friendship and similar connections and stop us from taking this sacred relationship for granted. It also demonstrates that no matter which relationship you’re in, the strong ones start and stay by being friends first.

6. Relationship:

a couple holding each others pinkie finger at sunset

You find yourself in the characters’ shoes and understand the situations in a way that you couldn’t have understood from your own experiences. Romance novels bring a different perspective to solve the issues we face in our own lives and relationships, and it gives us a better understanding of the other’s point of view.

7. Loyalty

young couple looking into each others' eyes on a beach at sunset

Many of us are dedicated and committed to our loved ones, and we love the quality of being loyal. We get to experience different levels of loyalty, mistakes, and staggering trust that we love to read about in romance books.

8. Discovering Individuality

sunflower with other sunflowers planted in rows around it

At times, we compromise on many things that end up creating stress in our life. While reading romance books, we get a chance to explore different scenarios where it teaches us the importance of identity, self-respect, and individuality. This can make our lives better because these books and storylines show that we’re not alone and that someone else may feel the same way.

9. Escaping the World

an open green carved door with light coming out of it.it

Let’s accept that there are a lot of problems and issues an average person encounters in life that sometimes we want to just escape to a world where we can experience peace and surreal life.

These books allow us to do just that and take us on a journey where no one can create problems, ask us to manage infinite things, or judge us.

10. Betrayals

sad woman in black dropping rose petals on the beach

We don’t wish betrayals on anyone as they’re heartbreaking and one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, especially in a relationship. We witness this heartbreaking subject through romance books and can learn how they cope with this. We recognize, understand, and get the strength to deal with betrayals. It also reminds us that there is a life worth living even after heartbreaks, motivating us to live the life we deserve.

11. Unending Journey

woman on a man's back and their smiling

A satisfying ending to a love story is all we ask for. These satisfying endings where lovers overcome all obstacles at the end of the book are either Happily Ever After (HEA) or a Happy for Now (HFN). Somehow knowing that love will triumph in the end makes this our favorite reason to read romance.

12. Imaginative Discoveries

woman looking through tree branches at the sun

While reading romance books, you discover many things, including love, emotions, experience, characters’ appearance, etc. Amongst these, it allows us to enhance our imaginations and take us to a world where we can visualize the story according to our imaginations and descriptions.

13. Unsaid Emotions

man and woman about to kiss

We get so involved with the storyline and characters of the novel that we start experiencing their emotions even before reading the written words. It helps us identify and better understand the emotions of our loved ones. It also makes us empathic while dealing with the emotions of other people.

14. Suspense

romantic scene with wine glasses, candles, a single rose, and music sheets on a silk table cover

At times the storyline gets so exciting that every turn of the page brings a tingling uncertainty with building suspense, and we really enjoy where the story will go next with heightened anticipation and hope.

15. Finding Trust

bride and groom on the beach at sunset

It reflects a lot of situations where trust is made or broken, and by experiencing it, we understand the various elements that go into trusting others. It gives us the courage to regain the trust of our loved ones if we’d ever broken it and allows us to mend our mistakes if such a situation ever comes up in our lives.

I hope you liked reading about the top 15 reasons that make us love reading romance books… What are some of your favorite things about romance books? Let us know in the comments below!

If you are looking for new romantic reads, then go to our romance genre page to find new books you can start reading today!

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