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Touch of Kindness by R. Loomis. Young Adult Romantic Fantasy, click to learn more! After Dori is captured and taken to the Otherworld, a place full of magic, fantastical creatures, and romance, getting back to her home in Texas will be harder than she could have ever expected. A chain of events will change her life forever.
Among Stars and Shadows by Diane Farrugia. A Spellbinding Romantic Fantasy, click to learn more.
The Altira Series by Joyce Gee
New! To Serve by Ben Jacobs. A Young adult scifi and fantasy book. Announcement
The Musician's Promise Series by Rachel Le Mesurier, Historical Romance
But I'm Not a Hero by Eric Demarest Young Adult Fantasy Superhero Adventure
The Fantasia Series. Lost in Fantasia, Fatal Reset, and A Broken Game, by Chelsea Caslie. Sci-fi and Fantasy Book Series. A LitRPG Trilogy.
When Two Stars Collide New Young Adult Romance Book by Cheryl Eager

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