Mark's best friend disappeared when he was thirteen and returned ten years later. It came with a price. A big secret causes grave consequences for Mark and his family.

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✨ ”Intriguing and messily realistic...” — Kirkus Reviews ✨


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Being a hero is harder than he could have ever imagined, but at least he has his friends by his side to help him save the day. Only Honey Beaumont can find the strength and courage to return to the man who tried to destroy him and make things right for his people.

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Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Honey Beaumont.

Join us in changing the world.

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Samantha moves to a perfect neighborhood where she meets a friend who she can finally confide in… but can she?

Will sharing secrets with her newfound friend put them both in danger from Samantha's very private and controlling husband?

"A tale so realistic, it’s frightening! ... Hits you hard. Outstanding!"
— Sara Bushway, author of Honey Beaumont

"A fast-paced, quick-witted, thought-provoking, psychological thriller with incredibly suspenseful and exhilarative turns that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. Read it in one sitting. Couldn't put it down!
— Review by David Rountree, Award-Winning Feature Film Director

"Had me on the edge of my seat. I devoured this clever and captivating book in one sitting."
— Ana C. Sales, best-selling author.

"Fast-paced and compelling, Nevruz's story builds and builds, culminating in a tense ending that feels inevitable yet surprising. Her characters and family dynamics are relatable and believable. An entertaining, engrossing read!"

"Amazing novel ... The suspense kept building up throughout the book, full of plot twists by the end, which made me breathless. Definitely recommend.
— Starred Reviews

“Sunk its teeth in and had me recommending it to friends in the first few chapters and kept me hanging on to see what was going to happen next while slowly pulling me deeper into the minds and lifestyles of the characters.”
— Darren Finney, author of Faithfully Addicted

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