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Blood of Husks by Joyce Gee, an epic fantasy book series.
But I'm Not a Hero by Eric Demarest
Lost in Fantasia the Fantasia Series.jpg
The Memories Between Us
Back to The Hunt Cory Idle
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Romance & Romantic Stories

Award-Winning Romance Novels, Contemporary and Historical Romance, LGBTQ+, Classics, and much more! Read now the award-wining historical romance trilogy, The Musician's Promise. "A rip-roaring, romantic adventure that is impossible to put down." "A high school romance full of love–and turbulence..." —Kirkus Reviews

Suspense & Thriller

Sci-fi Military Thriller, YA Dystopian Military Thriller, Praised Psychological Thrillers, Intriguing Suspense. Books by Cori Nevruz, Cory Idle, and Andrea Bougiouklis. Bakc to he Hunt, Left Without Answers, Dirty Laundry, The Art of Becoming a Traitor, and more!

Best in LGBTQ+ Fiction

“Most Anticipated LGBTQ in Young Adult Literature.”  —Lambda Literary “The reveal of Mark's family history is intriguing and messily realistic...” —Kirkus Reviews Winner of the "Book Cover of the Month Award" in Sept. 2021! The Complexities of Love is an LGBTQ+ coming-of-age story about Mark as he confronts the truth about his family and his identity.

More Sci-fi & Fantasy

Sci-fi & Fantasy Series New! Preorder now! Dystopian Fantasy, Weird West, Post-Apocalyptic, and more! New Epic Fantasy Series. Joyce Gee, Sara Bushway, Chelsea Caslie, Fatal Reset, The Fantasia Series, The Altira Series, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lost in Fantasia, Magic of Lies, The Lonesome Road. With assassination attempts and rumors of war, Eirian proves to those around her that she is not one to hide from confrontation. Even when it risks her life. “A compelling, well thought out story which leaves you wanting more.”  —Early Reader Review “Fast-paced, witty, and instantly became my new favorite fantasy series!” —Alex Williams, editor

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