About Joyce Gee

Joyce Gee is an Australian author based in Mandurah, Western Australia. Growing up among the rainforests of Far North Queensland, she loved to vanish into the other worlds hidden within the trees. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys drinking tea, pottering around the garden with husband and their two children, or escaping with her camera to capture the beautiful landscape of Western Australia.

About Joyce Gee's books

Born with magic, Princess Eirian struggles to balance her ability to give life with the desire to kill. Raised by mages, the day comes when she must return home to a kingdom she left as a child, and a father she has not seen in 20 years. Surrounded by a strange court with expectations she was not prepared for, Eirian hides her magic until she’s faced with the choice between becoming queen or returning to the mages. With assassination attempts and rumors of war, Eirian proves to those around her that she is not one to hide from confrontation. Even when it risks her life.

The Kingdom of Endara is at war and Eirian refuses to be the soft-hearted queen the enemy expects. Among her growing collection of secrets is one that can help turn the tide of battle, even if it means that her people might turn on her. She knows she can buy the precious time needed for reinforcements to arrive, but she will have to break her promises to the ones closest to her.

With nightmares clawing at her fragile mind, Eirian embraces the whispers that have followed her for as long as she can remember. In the aftermath of the real enemy revealing herself, Eirian retreats from the allied armies to seek answers. Accompanied by Aiden, Celiaen, and Galameyvin, they are determined to confront the spirit of the last mage and face the dark god seeking their destruction. The price for victory is one that Eirian is willing to pay, even if her friends are not.

Tormented by her mother’s memories, Eirian fears what she will become if she accepts her duty. The gods of Death and War have waited patiently for Eirian to make her move. Willing to do whatever they must to ensure the enemy is destroyed and reborn, the gods of War and Death must risk Eirian turning Tir into dust to keep her on their path.

There is a thin line between saving the world or destroying it, and Eirian finds staying on the right side harder with each passing day. Determined to bring down Annawyn, Eirian returns to where she grew up. No longer hiding the truth, she knows her presence will cause disruption across the land. But with increasing attacks from the Unseelie army, Eirian cannot stand by while innocent lives are destroyed because of her mistakes.

Faced with distrust, Eirian tries to protect the ones she loves with the help of War and Death. All she needs to do is find a way to force the mad god to pass over before her manipulations destroy Endara. But unraveling the darkness woven throughout the people she once ruled is not an easy task. They know that if they do not stop the enemy’s forces, countless innocent lives will be lost.

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