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Books by Rachel Le Mesurier

Artie's Courage (The Musician's Promise Series Book 1)
Artie's Courage (The Musician's Promise Series Book 1)

A courageous farm girl's life is changed forever when she falls in love with a charming street musician, opening her eyes to the cruel mistreatment of Mexico's mine workers and compelling her to stand with them against their oppressor — the man she is marrying.

A Hero's Hope (The Musician's Promise Series Book 2)
A Hero's Hope (The Musician's Promise Series Book 2)

Esperanza has it all planned out: She will tell Don Raúl that she can’t marry him, break off their engagement, and persuade her parents to let her marry the man she loves instead. After all, Artie is a hero. How could any parent object to welcoming such a brave man into their family?

However, it soon becomes clear that the jealous Don Raúl will not give her up as easily as she had hoped. Forced to choose between her own freedom and Artie’s, Esperanza must take desperate measures to save the man she loves. Esperanza will do anything to protect Artie, will her efforts be too little, too late?

Sofia's Freedom (The Musician's Promise Series Book 3)
Sofia's Freedom (The Musician's Promise Series Book 3)

As bloody revolution erupts all around her, Esperanza must face her worst nightmares if she is to survive. Alone and terrified, her salvation comes in an unlikely form... but will she be able to accept it, knowing that her beloved musician will never be able to fulfill his promise?

What others are saying:

Starred Review

“A riveting peek into a time of Mexico’s history where huge change, excitement and danger are on the horizon. Hugely engaging characters really pulled me in.”

Melissa Hoskins, author

“This beautifully written novel will have you gripped right from the start.”

Jennifer Nugée, Oxford University Press

"Class intrigue, dynastic maneuvering, and dangerous politics against growing civil unrest in pre-revolutionary Mexico. Can an unlikely friendship blossom into more? I couldn't put it down, and nor will you!"

Starred Review

“A rip-roaring, romantic adventure that is impossible to put down.”

Jessica Leather, author

“A book that will make you weep, rage, and fall in love with an array of characters so realistic they might step off the page. An excellent debut novel.”

D. Wells, author

“A well-written and well-researched story against the background of early 20th century Mexico."

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