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Author Cori Nevruz speaks with Ardain Isma about her newest suspense, Left Without Answers.

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

CSMS Magazine’s Ardain Isma invited Cori Nevruz for an interview on his channel, The Conversation.

Cori Nevruz, a north-carolinian thriller author published by 5310 Publishing, a traditional publishing company from Canada, got interviewed by Ardain Isma about her upcoming novel, Left Without Answers: An Intriguing Suspense.

Cori Nevruz’s newest suspense book is about bullying, grief, and revenge, topics discussed during the interview with CSMS Magazine. Readers can watch the interview below or by clicking here.

Nevruz’s newest tells the story of Alice and her search for answers and closure after her only son’s passing. Alice is on a mission to find the person responsible. When Alice starts receiving messages that could only be from her dead son, her desire for revenge intensifies along with her desperate search for the truth. After each message, Alice becomes more detached from her friends, family, and reality. Eventually, a letter from her son’s best friend provides Alice with insight and a target: her son’s ruthless bully. As Alice searches for answers and closure, the more she learns about her son’s secret life, the more she feels Left Without Answers.

Cori Nevruz’s third suspense-thriller book was released worldwide on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. The book is now available from online retailers and in select bookstores in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

The book is available in hardcover, ebook, paperback, large print paperback, and as an audiobook. It explores themes of death, grief, social issues, identity and belonging, bullying, and coping with loss. For more information about this psychological suspense thriller, readers can refer to the publisher’s website at 5310publishing.com/book/leftwithoutanswers or their preferred retailer’s website.

About the author Cori Nevruz: Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Cori Nevruz also published the critically-acclaimed psychological thriller “Dirty Laundry,” and the thriller “Making a Killing.” Cori also wrote 11 children’s books that feature student illustrations, giving over 100 children published illustrator credit. In addition, she is an active volunteer at her boy’s schools, an avid reader, a potty humor enthusiast, and a strong believer in the power of kindness.

About CSMS Magazine: the official medium put forward by the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies (CSMS), a nonprofit organization made up of academics and other professionals well versed in cultural and minority issues from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds in South Florida. These concerned citizens joined forces five years ago in an organized and constructive fashion to better help and serve the large disenfranchised minority populations.

About the publisher 5310 Publishing: 5310 Publishing is a family-owned business dedicated and committed to helping authors get their books published and discover new and original ways of promoting their stories and views in front of an audience. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 5310 Publishing now specializes in speculative fiction, romance, and thriller books.


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